Zetaops / Senior Pythonista

We develop free software[1] with free software[2]. We are looking for "waked up" senior developer. If you have seen this matrix before, then you are in right place. We take special care to preserve the balance between private and working life.

The workplace and conditions: - Our workplace in Izmir Institute of Technology campus located near Gulbahce District, Urla, Izmir. - We do not have flexible working hours. Weekdays 09:00 - 18:00 with one hour lunch break. - We do not work on weekends. - Friday afternoon we have "Happy Hour" or technical presentations. - Our culture dictates sharing not only the excellent results of the projects but also sharing profit too. - We have relocation support from major İstanbul, Ankara. - We use Git with specially patched version of Redmine. Read here please[3] - We don't like slow minds. - We follow the Code of Conduct of Ubuntu in workplace and asking from you to comply with. ( https://goo.gl/tmLngC )

What we are expecting from you? - Living in Izmir, Urla, Gulbahce area or planning to move around. - Perfect reading and writing skills of technical documents in English. - Having deep knowledge of OOP. - Minimum 5 years experience with Python language. - Minimum 5 years hands-on experience developing enterprise Django or Flask project as a developer. You are an expert in at least one web stack and framework. - Dive into someone else's source code, to solve the problem without losing your way. - Being able to thrive in a fast and growing environment where all hands are on deck, and consider no obstacle too big or too small. - If you are not experienced in communications, no worries, you will learn. We are seeking engineers who have solved complex problems at scale and have the aptitude to navigate uncharted waters. - Hands on experience working with SQL and/or NoSQL databases and caches. - Experience with programming tools (e.g. version control).

Big plus++ : - Functional programming knowledge - Being contributor/developer in open source projects - The advanced usage of Linux/Un*x

Please send your application to ik@zetaops.io along with your CV. Please indicate ZB01 reference on subject.

[1] https://github.com/zetaops/ [2] https://stackshare.io/zetaops/zetaops [3] https://github.com/zetaops/gitwork

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