Kenneth Reitz / Ambassador Trainee

Welcome, Earthling!

If you are reading this, you likely expressed interest (or soon will?) in joining the Kenneth Reitz GitHub organization.

There are two basic levels of membership:

  • Contributors
  • Ambassadors (and those in training) Ambassador == has the authority to act on Kenneth Reitz's behalf, effectively

This aims to enable Ambassadors to be successful in their role, as ambassadors for Kenneth Reitz software.

Apply to be a KR Ambassador

What does an Ambassador do?

An Ambassador is tasked with helping to contribute positively to Kenneth Reitz software projects, ideally on an ongoing basis.

If you'd like to be an Ambassador Trainee, please open an issue on team repo.

Please be sure to include the following:

  • Your Name
  • GitHub Username
  • "Ambassador" in Subject Line

Any additonal information (such as your background, interest level, bandwidth) would be very helpful. But, it is not helpful if you don't include the above information

Also, please ensure that 2fa (two-factor authentication) is turned on in your GitHub account.



Once you have accepted our invitation, please introduce yourself here:

And join our Discord server:

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